It’s time to match some jellies!

I don’t know about you, but if I had my vote, I’d choose jelly over peanut butter any day of the week. But even I didn’t know that jelly could look so appealing as it does in the new match-3 puzzler Jelly Splash, where the titular “Jelly” turns out to be little squishy creatures, and not something you spread on a piece of bread. The game is being developed by Wooga, the same studio that brought us recent hits like Pearl’s Peril and Kingsbridge. And after all, a game called “Peanut Butter Splash” just sounds like a gross sticky mess.

Jelly Splash

Though details are a little bit scarce right now, what I can tell you about the game so far is that Jelly Splash features over 100 different puzzles full of challenging obstacles, which are all nicely laid out on a winding island map similar to the interface in games like Candy Crush Saga. In each level, players will be presented with a grid of different colored jelly characters (let’s just call them “jellies” for the time being), where they’ll be tasked with connecting like-colors in order to clear them from the board and earn a three-star completion rating. And the only thing more bright and colorful than the breezy island setting of the game is the googly-eyed jellies themselves!

What’s really cool about the game is the incredible amount of detail that went into giving unique personalities to each one of the different colored jellies. For instance, the sleepy blue jellies have little ears on their heads which make them look like delicious blue raspberry gummy bears, while the teary-eyed yellow jellies have bubbling gelatinous goo in place of hair. In any event, every character design is positively “Awwww!” inducing and adorable.

Jelly Splash

Jelly Splash will be squishing its way onto the iOS App Store on August 15th, with both Android and Facebook versions to follow shortly after that.