Dig deep for riches

Movies and comic books have illustrated the crazy lengths that prospectors and other yee-haw types went to in order to wrestle a few flakes of gold from the unyielding ground. Methods included panning in freezing water for hours and bashing at rocks with picks. In fact, that’s how the protagonist of Gamistry’s Gold Diggers begins seeking her fortune, but with little success. All that changes when she finds a machine that’s capable of taking her to the mother lode sleeping deep, deep underground.

Gold Diggers is a vertical “endless digging” game that stars a young prospector who uncovers a steam-powered digging machine. She immediately puts it to work and plunges into the bowels of the earth, chewing up dirt and snaking around solid rocks and other hazards. If you encounter gold nuggets while helping the young lady steer her vessel, your next action should be clear: nab it.

The underworld isn’t exactly a safe place, however. There are pillars of fire to contend with, as well as lava pits and other deadly obstacles. Most lethal of all is a giant worm that looks like it’d be right at home in the ’90s film Tremors. It’ll chase you in hopes of taking a bite out of your butt. There are a few tricks that’ll help you prevail, including speed boosts and the ability to grind on mine cart rails.

Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers comes to the App Store on August 15, and is a free download. If you don’t have command of a dirt-chewing machine, we recommend sticking to panning for gold in creeks.