Mahjongg with a healthy serving of happy cubies.

Similar to the original Mahjongg Dimensions and Arkadium studio’s newer offering Taptiles Saga, Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked takes the classic tile-matching game of mahjongg solitaire and shoves it into true 3D. Match tiles and rotate the cube as you save helpless cubies from the mean ole red cubie!

Here’s all you need to know about Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked‘s story: red cube monster is bad, the other ones are good! The red rapscallion has unleashed giant blocks of mahjongg puzzles onto the peaceful land, trapping happy cubies inside. It’s your job to set them free; all you have to do is solve some mahjongg solitaire puzzles with the speed of a cheetah riding a bullet train. No problem!

Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked

Each level in Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked features an arrangement of mahjongg tiles (well, mahjongg cubes) stacked in a 3D pattern floating in the middle of the screen. Tap one cube to highlight it, and then tap a second with an identical picture to complete the match. Standard mahjongg solitaire rules apply to matches, meaning you can only remove a tile if it isn’t blocked by other tiles. Swipe the side of the screen to rotate the cube so you can take a peek at the other side. Your goal is to clear the board as quickly as you can, all while racking up combos and activating special cubes at the best possible moment!

In addition to making all of the cubes go bye-bye, each level also features a few goals you must meet in order to proceed. For example, you might have to score a certain number of points or match certain picture tiles in a row. These start off innocently enough, but very quickly turn Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked into a very challenging experience.

Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked

Before you jump in and get to matching, Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked gives you the chance to equip special items to give your game a boost. These are pay-to-use, spending from a bank of in-game currency you slowly fill as you play. Most of the items are simple point multipliers or timer increases, but stacking two of them and entering a level can give you a real leg up. The downside to this is that in-app purchases are not only encouraged, but practically required in order to make effective use of the items. There are half a dozen coin packages in the shop, along with the ability to purchase “undos” and unlock subsequent levels early; but most of the time you’ll be content to keep your wallet closed while you progress under your own matching prowess.

In addition to story mode, Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked features two quickplay options: timed and puzzle. The former allots you 60 seconds to solve as many mahjongg puzzles as you can. If you thought the main game was fast paced, wait ’til you give this a try. By contrast, puzzle mode presents tile arrangement after tile arrangement with the simple goal of solving as many as you can without getting deadlocked.

Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked

At the end of the day, Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked doesn’t really add anything new to the mahjongg genre, especially not the well-established Mahjongg Dimensions series. Despite this, and despite its reliance upon in-app purchases, it still pulls through as a polished, if underwhelming, product.