Frolic with handsome Lords in this interactive novel by Silicon Sisters.

Romance novels mainly cater to women, but regardless of your gender, everyone deserves to occasionally spoil themselves with a story about love. Especially the super-fun romance novels that compare certain parts of the anatomy to “rearing stallions.” Everlove, an interactive romance novel by Vancouver-based Silicon Sisters probably won’t get that saucy, but you can still count on lots of snuggling, cuddling, and touchy good times with handsome Lords and their baby-smooth chests.

Everlove seeks to delve specifically into “female fantasies,” according to Silicon Sisters CEO Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch. The studio has made games tailored for girls, including School 26 for iOS, but Everlove is its first title aimed at adult women.

The player works through the game as Rose, a young woman who hopes that past-life regression can solve some of her personal problems. Rose is hypnotized and finds herself in Heart’s Home, a medieval village brimming with hot men. Rose discovers she has chemistry with some of these gentlemen, but more than that, the relationships she builds uncover her personal secrets and reflect on the same problems she’s trying to fix in her modern life.


Everlove puts special emphasis on storytelling and character interaction. You choose the path Rose takes, and decide on the conversations she has with the locals. There are also some light hidden object elements to be found in the gameplay.

Everlove is coming soon to iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Draw a bubble bath, settle in, and start reading/playing. Just don’t drop your tablet in the tub. That’s a real mood-killer.