Rekindle your love for 90s first-person shooters with Neon Shadow.

If there’s one unwavering truth in this crazy, ever-shifting world, it’s that you should always trust a game company that calls itself “Tasty Poison.” After all, Tasty Poison gave us Pocket RPG, a critically-acclaimed role-playing game that holds sway over thousands of fans. But Tasty Poison isn’t all about swords and monsters. Its upcoming game, Neon Shadow, shows off a cyberpunk world that’s teeming with killer robots.

Neon Shadow‘s cybernetic antagonists and neon lights recall games of the 90s. That’s wholly on purpose: the entire experience is supposed to bring back memories of the run-and-gun first-person shooters that we played on our 486 computers back in the day.

Neon Shadow‘s story revolves around a space station that’s malfunctioning and is filled with cuckoo robots as a consequence. You’re an agent who’s been dispatched to take care of things with your gun. You’ll need to stay alert as you slide through the corridors, since there are turrets and killer robots hiding around every corner. When you waste your adversaries (a very satisfying task), they leave behind a glowing puddle of cool blue fluid. There are traps to dodge, and twisted halls to navigate. As you play, a stern-looking thumbnail belonging to your avatar peers out at you from the top of the screen. If that’s not 90s shooter nostalgia, we don’t know what is.

Neon Shadow

Neon Shadow features a cyberpunk soundtrack by the band Abducted by Sharks, which should be more than enough to make your trigger finger itchy. The game will be out in the third quarter of 2013, and is planned for release on iOS, Android, and OUYA.