Whew, what a long week it has been, and we’re barely even halfway through Wednesday right now! Days like these make me so glad and thankful that we have all sorts of new and exciting games coming up on the horizon that we can look forward to. If only playing them didn’t make the weekends go by so incredibly fast!

This week is no exception, as you can expect to see brand new mobile games about facing off in military close-encounter battles, driving as fast as you can away from the impending apocalypse, and crashing your airplane alongside your fellow pig brethren for the good of your nation. Heck, there’s even an old-school gaming icon who’s set to make a triumphant return with a fresh new design.


Breach & ClearBreach & Clear from developer Gun is an extremely high-octane take on the strategic turn-based style of combat that we’ve seen before in the likes of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Gangsters: City of Omerta. With a sprawling campaign full of harrowing close-encounter battles, players will be able to take control of several real-world military factions, including the US Army Rangers, US Navy Seals, and Canada’s JTF2. And that’s without even mentioning the thousands of intricate gun combinations you’ll be able to assemble to make sure your squadrons are fully equipped with the most effective and specialized arsenal before taking to the many indoor battlegrounds like bathrooms and offices!


Nuclear Outrun – It seems like everywhere I turn these days, someone is right there telling me how the world is going to end, one way or another. So I guess if we’re all doomed anyway, then we might as well go out in style. Or better yet, just outrun all of that pesky impending doom nonsense and continue living our lives all the same! In Nuclear Outrun, you’ll have to quickly drive a powerful vehicle to the outskirts of a zombie-infested city before a giant nuclear missile crashes down and destroys everything around you. I’m not sure which is really the sign of the apocalypse here, the zombies or the missile, but either way, this game is just one big explosive bout of arcade-styled fun!


Kamikaze Pigs – Hey, what’s that up there in the sky? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No wait, it’s a crazy war pig and he’s headed right this way! Basically, Kamikaze Pigs from Chillingo puts you in control of countless suicidal pigs who sit happily perched on explosive rockets and devastating war crafts in mid-flight: just waiting to take the plunge to the ground below and take out legions of enemy forces. The gameplay looks so completely fun and frenetic, and I don’t think I ever knew that pigs were capable of moving so fast! And really, can you think of anything that’s more terrifying than a sky full of flaming bacon?



Pac-Man Dash! – I guess it was only just a matter of time before one of gaming’s oldest icons decided to make the inevitable jump to the endless runner genre! That’s right, now even Pac-Man himself is up for some running and jumping on the mobile screen, although his new, fast-paced 3D debut looks to be more of a level-based runner akin to Rayman Jungle Run, as opposed to the “endless” variety that we’ve seen in the likes of Temple Run. That sounds good to me, along with all of those spooky ghosts to avoid, and delicious-looking fruit to pop into my big yellow mouth!