An epic basketball quest to rule them all as the King of the Court!

It’s not very often that you see a mobile game combine two vastly different genres such as basketball and role playing, but Dunk Dreams is looking to prove that selecting attributes for a rookie basketball player from the streets can be just as fun and in-depth as upgrading any old sword-wielding hero. Dunk Dreams is the very first release from Brothersport Games, a new six-person development team whose members’ past contributions to gaming include work on everything from Mass Effect to Words with Friends. And to use an all-too expected euphemism, their debut game is already shaping up to be quite the slam dunk.

In the game, players will partake in tons of arcade-style basketball face-offs with other rival ballers. But don’t be fooled: Dunk Dreams isn’t all just about shooting hoops and schooling scrubs on the court! In true RPG fashion, the game is set to feature a sprawling single-player campaign, which takes players across five different neighborhoods and has them facing off in one-on-one matches with over 150 opponents on their quest to become the true King of the Court. As you progress through the streets and fine-tune your hoop skills, a full narrative begins to unfold through a richly illustrated 72-page comic.

Dunk Dreams

And that’s not even all the RPG goodness that Dunk Dreams has to offer. In order to fully step into the role of a true basketball underdog, you’ll even be able to create your very own customizable character, with over 500 different pieces of gear to unlock, and 54 unlockable skill-based moves to learn and really hone in on your grasp of the touch-based gameplay. And when you’ve had your fill of the game’s campaign mode, you can always take your street ball skills outside the neighborhood to play against some of your friends in Dunk Dreams‘ PvP multiplayer mode.

While the game draws heavy inspiration from early 90’s pop culture and those old retro gaming greats like NBA Jam and Jordan vs. Bird (one of my own personal favorites), everything is coated in that sharp and polished cartoony sheen that you would only expect from a mobile release in 2013. Watching some early gameplay footage of Dunk Dreams in action, and I’m instantly transported to my days playing Arch Rivals back on the NES.

Dunk Dreams

Dunk Dreams is currently scheduled to release for iOS devices on August 1, and you can expect to see a full review of the game around then, as long as my new Air Jordans arrive in time for me to take to the courts!