A few weeks ago I wrote a list of 5 games that every OUYA owner should check out at launch. I still stand by my choices, but I also feel I owe something of an apology to Juicy Beast. Their game, Knightmare Tower, is every bit as fun as the other games I’d listed. Perhaps even more so. Now they’ve given me an excuse to make amends and tell the world. Why? Because they’ve just announced that Knightmare Tower will be hitting iOS on August 1st.

Originally released as a free Flash game, Knightmare Tower has players defying gravity as they hurtle towards the top of a tower in an effort to save princesses and make their escape. How do they keep their upward momentum going? By propelling themselves off the corpses of the monsters they slay beneath them, of course!

This latest version (like the OUYA release before it) has a number of improvements over it’s free Flash progenitor: refreshed art, a new combo system, better UI, etc.. Most notably, the mobile version will feature tilt controls to guide your knight left and right – something that seems like a perfect fit considering the nature of the gameplay.

I really can’t say enough good things about this game. True story: I tried to write this article yesterday but decided to fire up the OUYA version first. I ended up playing for FIVE HOURS. You’ll no doubt have a similar story to tell on August 1st. That’s when Knightmare Tower hits your iPhone and iPad for $2.99.