Battle dragons: much cooler than passive-aggressive dragons.

There’s no debate that Spacetime Games knows how to make great titles, and make them well. Previous releases from the developer, including Arcane Legends, Dark Legends, and Pocket Legends, have gone on to amass more than 20 million downloads combined, so you know another entry in this impressive roster is already destined for greatness. But now the successful MMO developer is looking to bring their tricks of the trade to a brand new franchise called Battle Dragons, which features intense online combat, soaring and challenging strategies, and of course, fearsome dragon armies!

In the game, players are put in command of a powerful and grandiose army of dragons, as they begin the harrowing quest of rising through the ranks from a small-school chieftain, to the reigning leader of the all-encompassing Dragon Nations. They can achieve this goal by collecting various resources, building up their home base to defend against outsider attacks, and teaming up with other players to form their very own Dragon Tribes. After all, who would be intimidated by a measly lone dragon, when you can have entire armies at your disposal to inflict all the fear?!

As we’ve seen, Spacetime Games is no stranger to making successful MMO franchises, and so it comes as no surprise that in Battle Dragons, cooperative play is not only encouraged, but it’s rewarded as well. Members of the same Dragon Tribe will have the special ability to reduce build times for one another, in addition to boosting the rate of resource collection for the good of the tribe. In typical MMO fashion, players will also be able to visit the different home bases of their fellow tribe mates, and exchange strategies for battle, or tips on building their own home base to soaring new heights.

Battle Dragons

Battle Dragons will also include an intriguing “Spar Mode,” in which players can engage in a penalty-free sandbox environment, so they can practice and perfect their attack strategies, and test the defenses of their own home base and fortification setups. In future updates, Spacetime Games plans to add the feature of tribe mate sparring into this Spar Mode. Battle Dragons saw a soft-launch this week on Android for those of you who fly your dragons in Australia and Canada, but we can expect a worldwide release on Android by the end of July, with an iOS release following shortly after in August.