You may have noticed that we didn’t exactly have a “New iOS Games Tonight” feature last week, and that’s primarily because, well, there weren’t really any new games that came out! Everyone needed a well-deserved holiday break for some fireworks and barbeque fun, but now that we’ve all gotten to take a breather from celebrating our respective home countries, it’s time to get back to the new games once again!

Tonight we have all sorts of new games making their way onto the App Store, including a sequel to a cutesy water-themed puzzler, a polished endless runner with a galactic twist, and even a movie tie-in game with the size and scope to truly impress. So go shoot off the last of your fireworks, and then settle in with your iPhone or iPad for another cozy night of new iOS games.


Sprinkle Islands – The first Sprinkle game by Mediocre made a pretty big splash around these waters back in 2011, so I think I’d be putting it a little mildly to say we weren’t just the least bit excited about this next installment in the series. This time around, you’ll have to deal with a plethora of massive new water-based obstacles, like endless oceans, pools of water, floating objects, and even a giant purple octopus with flames spewing out of its mouth. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why fire has to be such a jerk all the time.


Pacific Rim – Just in time for the movie’s big blockbuster release this weekend, we have the action-packed mobile game tie-in to Pacific Rim. Now, the whole “mobile game based on a movie” thing has seen a lot of negative fan feedback in the past, but we here at Gamezebo have some pretty high hopes for this one. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play a game where you take control of a giant robot, and pound the stuffing out of equally giant monsters in the middle of a bustling city? I know I would!



Einstein EnigmaEinstein Enigma is a challenging new puzzle game from BBG Entertainment that features over 100 different puzzles based on the age-old Enigma Rotor Cipher Machine. You know, that’s the thing with all the different rotating wheels that makes you match up the various color templates in order to solve it. Albert Einstein himself is also said to help you along the way in the game, and give you advice as some sort of dead-genius tutorial. But really, what does that old guy know about smartphones and tablets anyway?