Revenge is a dish best served with shotguns and laser sabers.

I don’t know about you, but when I need to get revenge on someone, I tend to stray away from the more slow and methodical methods of returning the wrongdoing, and opt for a swifter form of getting payback instead. Ayopa Games seems to fully agree, as their latest game, Swift Revenge, sees a frenzied and frantic quest for revenge that will take our small hero Swift all across the space and time continuum.

Swift Revenge from Ayopa Games is a fast-paced, vertical arcade shooter where players are tasked with dive-bombing through each rapid sidescrolling stage to defeat the evil Doctor Crow. We don’t know much else about the storyline right now, other than the fact that it’s deep, engrossing, and features “crazy animals” and “hilarious dialogue,” so what more could you really ask for in a title such as this?

Luckily, you’ll have a devastating arsenal of weapons at your disposal to make sure that Doctor Crow will be eating crow before long, including everything from shotguns to laser sabers. You’ll even be able to unlock a bunch of cool costumes to keep Swift looking fresh as he deals out massive damage to everything in his path.

Swift Revenge

Like any good arcade shooter, Swift Revenge will feature multiple themed worlds set across the vast throes of time and space, as well as epic boss battles at the end of each, which test your new abilities and growing skills in a number of unique and different ways. And while the game is primarily a vertical shooter, don’t be surprised if you’ll need to rotate your device and change up those perspectives at regular intervals to harness the power of warp-speed!

As if all of those details about the game weren’t enough to whet your appetite for some swift (and most likely painful) revenge, everything is brought to life in Swift Revenge through beautiful cartoon graphics and smooth and sweeping animations. The over-the-top and hilarious action adventure will see a release this August, on iPhone and iPad devices. In the meantime, I’ll be busy plotting my next dose of revenge, for anyone who tries to get in between me and this game when I’m trying to play!