One more curtain call.

The film world is a funny thing, isn’t it? On one hand, watching old films is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to witness firsthand how life used to be in the days before we were born. But on the other, sometimes those old film reels could also reveal some potentially deadly secrets on your home movie screen, and might quickly throw you into your own real-life horror flick where you become the frightened star! Final Cut: Encore from Eipix offers a harrowing take on the dangers that some movie directors can face, while having you hunt for hidden objects and piecing together puzzles along the way.

Final Cut: Encore

A sequel to last year’s incredibly well-received Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen, this latest installment in the Final Cut franchise looks to mark a return of the high-quality exploration and hidden object gameplay that made the first game such a smash hit at the box office. In Final Cut: Encore, your father is a famous movie director, who finds out the hard way just how deadly certain secrets can be. After his life’s work and greatest invention falls into the wrong hands, it is now up to you to rescue your family from the deadly events that occur at the Art Deco mansion.

Considering that this hidden object series is all about filmmaking, it’s only fitting then that Final Cut: Encore will incorporate real-live actors into its cutscenes, to give the whole thing a more realistic and cinematic approach. The new game also promises that movie fiction will blend with reality as you chase after the notorious villain, so there may very well be some nice nods to classic film tropes for all you movie buffs out there. From what we can tell so far about the first released screenshots, it looks like we can expect this adventure to take us to all sorts of stunning locations, including a breathtaking vista at sunset, a snowy neighborhood strung up in Christmas lights, and a cluttered photo studio.

Final Cut: Encore

A special Collector’s Edition of Final Cut: Encore will also be released with an added bonus game, in which players are asked to “help a lost soul on its road to redemption,” as they get to experience the main storyline from an alternate perspective. Just think of it like watching a different camera angle! Like most Eipix releases, any other details about the game remain pretty scarce right now, besides the fact that it will come to your computer screen sometime in 2013.