Coasterville players may have noticed an interesting Internal Server Error message from Zynga over the past few months, which instructed them to contact the server administrator at about any technical issues they run into with the Facebook game. Now here’s where the story gets a little interesting: is owned by a man named Eric Mueller, who uses the domain in accordance with his web design firm, and who has absolutely nothing to do with Zynga. In fact, he’s never even played a Zynga game before!

In speaking with Kotaku about the whole ordeal, Mueller says he tried to message Zynga about the company’s mix-up, but after receiving no reply, he decided to take matters into his own hands. So what does one do when they find themselves in such a unique situation? Why, they decide to have a little fun at the expense of frustrated Coasterville players, of course! Instead of coming clean about everything and revealing to the consumers that he had no affiliation with Zynga or Coasterville, Mueller proceeded to provide his own “helpful” solutions to player-submitted problems with the game: a result that is nothing short of hilarious.


Kotaku has gathered a comprehensive list of some of Mueller’s more “colorful” responses to Coasterville players in his new self-appointed customer support role, but here is my own personal favorite response, which has managed to help me out on numerous occasions whenever I’ve run into a server error:

“This is actually a known issue with the Coasterville server, and I have a solution from our engineering team. It is a little bit strange, but here’s how it works. You need to go to 5 of your Facebook friends and post this message on their wall: ‘I love brown bears, folding chairs and little curly hairs!'”

The best part is that Mueller then proceeds to provide some pretty in-depth and completely sound reasoning behind why you should be posting about brown bears and folding chairs on your friends’ Facebook walls. Sadly, Zynga has since closed down the server loop that reverted frustrated players to Mueller’s domain, so don’t expect to hear some eccentric new ways of troubleshooting the next time your game of Coasterville is acting up.