Run head-to-head against your friends with Lub vs Dub, a unique, minimalist endless runner.

Most endless running games pit you against the world. Sometimes it’s the cops on your tail. Sometimes it’s angry natives. Other times it’s a ravenous monster that’s fifty times your size, but still willing to slither for miles and miles just to snatch you up as a moderate breakfast (looks like monsters are worried about their waistbands, too). But Lub vs Dub for iOS presents a different scenario: an endless runner that pits you against a flesh-and-blood friend.

Lub vs Dub is the product of January 2013’s 48-hour Global Game Jam event. It bills itself as the first possible “infinite runner battle:” two players face off on one device as they run, run, run as far as they possibly can. Lub vs Dub has roots in the endless runner genre, but it also takes important elements from competitive racing games like Mario Kart and Wip3out: players collect power-ups that can trip up their rival, but they still need to concentrate on running their own successful race.

Lub vs Dub utilizes a minimalist art style. Lub and Dub themselves are literal squares that trot with a determined look in their little eyes, and their long path is styled to look like the blips and ridges of a heart monitor. Players can flip to the other side of the track, which lets them bypass big hazards they can’t jump over.

Lub vs Dub

Of course, if you don’t have any pals to play with (*sniff*), you can make the long run alone in the game’s single-player mode.

Lub vs Dub hits the App Store at the end of July.