The keyboard is mightier than the fist.

Get ready to find some new meaning in all of that “power of words” talk! Chat Fu is the very first major game from Blot Interactive, and already it’s become one of the most unique and exciting ideas for a video game that we’ve seen in quite some time. That’s because instead of fighting with your virtual fists, Chat Fu challenges you to fight with your words: quite literally, as the game’s innovative “chat battles” will quickly turn any seemingly innocent Facebook conversation into a full-fledged kung fu throwdown.

The goal of the game is fairly simple: all you have to do is get the other person you’re chatting with to say (or type, rather) a secret keyword, without using any of the predetermined “Trap Words” yourself to coax them along. For instance, let’s say your target word is “Lunch.” You’ll have to trick your friend into saying the word “Lunch” through regular conversation, and without leading them on with words like “Sandwich,” “Cheese,” or “Hungry.”

But now here’s the big catch that makes Chat Fu so deviously awesome: the people that you’re chatting with most likely don’t even know that they’re playing a game! To others, your instant message conversations will appear just like normal Facebook messaging, leaving your unsuspecting foes none the wiser to all of the ninja and word-infused smackdowns you’re about to lay on them. Then you’ll even have the option of sharing screen caps of your winning conversations on your opponent’s wall. Just imagine all of the crazy discussions you’ll have in trying to get your friend to say that one special word!

Now you might be thinking that a game that’s built around chatting would be pretty simple in design, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth as far as Chat Fu is concerned. The game interface features an incredible array of wonderfully rendered cartoon characters that duke it out through slick animations at the top of the screen, while your chat box and current objectives appear for your reference at the bottom. The more you play and the more you trick your friends into saying wacky words, the better rewards you’ll win, like cool power-ups, unlockable characters, and impressive new costumes and skins to dress them up for battle.

Chat Fu

Chat Fu will be released onto Facebook sometime this summer, and once it does, something tells me you’ll never partake in a Facebook chat in quite the same way again. Because even when you think you might be innocently chatting with your friend about what they’re having for lunch, you might very well be taking the beating of a lifetime in a beautiful 3D cartoon dojo. Better watch what you say!