Vaporware is a harsh word. It’s typically reserved for games that have been MIA for years and years – like the 15-years-late Duke Nukem Forever, or the never-saw-the-light-of-day Starcraft Ghost. Using that term for an iOS game – a platform that hasn’t quite broken the 5 year mark – may seem silly to some. But there are two iOS games that I’m comfortable saying that about, and The Shadow Sun is one of them.

Or, at least, it was. It looks like my days of using “the v word” may be numbered, though. Gamezebo was recently contacted by Ossian Studios CEO Alan Miranda to let us know that The Shadow Sun is still in development, and coming sooner rather than later. “Summer 2013 is our goal, and everything is looking like that’s going to happen,” Miranda said. “We’re pretty close to completion. We’re in beta now.”

While the game was originally announced for a late 2010 release, Miranda was hesitant to explain the delay. If you’re worried the wait may result in a dated look, though, that’s a fear you can put to rest. There’s been a pretty radical visual overhaul for The Shadow Sun as you can see in the screens below, but it’s one that doesn’t appear to deviate from the intended look of the game.


If all goes well, we should be playing this one before the fall. Now if only we could say the same thing about Galactic Keep: Dice Battles. Sigh. I guess somebody has to keep the vaporware flame lit.