Can’t stop the beat!

Are you tired of listening to the same old forgettable soundtracks while playing your favorite matching and puzzle games? Sure, you could just put your iPod on and turn down the sound of your game, but then you’re still trying to juggle two completely different experiences at once, and quite frankly, some songs might be a bit too jarring for whatever game that you’re trying to play. But what if I said there was a new matching game that let you pick the soundtrack, and made the entire experience based upon your very own personalized iTunes library?

Beat Blocks from Zaah is a music-based blitz match game along the lines of Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga, where the different colored blocks blink and react in time to whatever song is playing during each respective level. Each round lasts for the same amount of time as the current song on your iTunes playlist, and when the song is up, you’ll get to spin a big bonus wheel for a chance to earn some special score multipliers and other helpful surprises. The interface supports any song file that is compatible with an iOS device (including music downloaded from Soundcloud, Beatport, Amazon, and other digital music outlets).

The idea of the game was born out of watching people play games on the bustling subway, while listening to their iPods through headphones at the same time. The developers thought, “Why can’t we combine these two things into one unique music and gaming experience?” But the game itself looks to be far from a mere music-based gimmick, with lots of great gameplay mechanics that make Beat Blocks stand on its own as a solid matching game as well. Linking more than three same-color blocks will form a powerful Prism Block, which clear all like-color blocks on the entire board with an explosive and toe-tapping finish. You’ll also have to watch out for Bomb Blocks and Rock Blocks, which add another layer of challenge to the musical gameplay entirely.

Beat Blocks

Beat Blocks will be free to download upon its release later this month, and players can initially choose from a handful of songs in their iTunes library to begin playing at once. Their entire iTunes library can be unlocked for use throughout the game by paying a small fee of $0.99. The only question that remains is what songs and beats you’ll want to play first as you start matching those blocks!