I’ve always had a suspicion that Klei Entertainment was the sneaky type, but never thought they’d be involved in full espionage action! Well now this certainly seems to be the case, in light of today’s announcement of Klei’s devious next game, Incognita.

The official announcement tweet from Klei Entertainment describes Incognita as a “turn-based tactical espionage game,” with the gameplay seemingly reminiscent of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Gangsters: City of Omerta.

In case you’ve forgotten, Klei Entertainment is the rising development team behind the innovative sidescrolling stealth game Mark of the Ninja, and the mesmerizing survival experience Don’t Starve (which just so happened to score a perfect 5-star review from us). Needless to say, we’re more than a little excited for all the promise this next game has in store.

Similar to the release of Don’t Starve, Klei plans to launch an early beta version of Incognita to the public in the next few weeks, as the gathering of community feedback has gone on to play a crucial role in their game development cycle.


In the meantime, you can sign up to receive future news alerts (or “further intelligence”) on the official Incognita website, where you can also download a special wallpaper featuring artwork from the upcoming game. Incognita will be coming to PC first, with a Mac and Linux release planned for a later date.