If only different galaxies showed up on Google Maps!

After finding continued success in the casual games market with titles like 2020: My Country and Mirrors of Albion, Game Insight has decided to set their phasers to stun, and embark on a quest across the galaxy to create a new game for a more hardcore crowd. Described as a mid-core game, Starborn Wanderers is set to take what you thought you knew about that great expansive thing called outer space and turn it on its head with exciting alien battles and planetary discovery.

Starborn Wanderers

The story of Starborn Wanderers takes place in the distant future, when humanity has begun anew on a far-off planet called Terra Nova. However, this newfound sense of peace isn’t there to stay for long, as a powerful alien spacecraft called The Ranger emerges one day and sends the few surviving Terra Nova inhabitants seeking shelter on the distant Phoenix space station. The game’s narrative promises to contain plenty of unique and memorable characters to interact with, as well as a number of shocking twists and turns that will always keep you on your toes.

The game’s combat takes the form of massive, turn-based space battles, where player cadets will need to defeat a large number of diverse enemy starships. In addition to duking it out amongst the stars, Starborn Wanderers also features a deep exploration component, where players can explore the far reaches of space and discover uncharted planets and galaxies in a dynamic world that reacts to your specific choices in the game. The universe is a pretty big place too, so expect to find dozens of ships, with hundreds of unique and upgradeable equipment pieces.

Starborn Wanderers

That’s really all we know about the upcoming game so far, but really, what kind of space game would it be without a little mystery thrown in there as well? While an official release date has yet to be determined, Starborn Wanderers will be wandering its way through the stars to iOS, Android, and Mac platforms.