Everyone’s favorite tactical worm soldiers are back and looking better than ever!

Even the smallest of creatures are moving into the next generation of gaming, as Team 17 has announced an explosive new installment in their critically acclaimed Worms series, called Worms Clan Wars. New to the Worms series is the first-time use of fully 3D and high definition visuals, while still retaining that classic 2D-style of turn-based gameplay. With tons of new features, fully integrated social components, and of course, exciting new ways to cause some wormy carnage, there’s certainly one thing that’s for sure: these worms have never looked so deadly!

Worms Clan Wars

Worms Clan Wars is already shaping up to be the biggest version of Worms that gamers have ever seen, with a fully-fledged single player campaign that spans 25 missions set across 5 unique environments including Viking, Prehistoric, and Feudal Japan (each with specific day and night transitions). Heck, even the level landscapes themselves are said to be 30% larger than anything seen in a Worms game before, and the introduction of environmental physics-based contraptions like rope bridges and swaying stone slabs will be sure to get you planning your next move in ways you may have never imagined before!

Now of course, the best part of any Worms game is all the crazy weapons that your little guys can wield to cause some serious destruction, and so you’ll be pleased to know that Worms Clan Wars is bringing out the big guns (literally), with 65 unique weapons and utilities in all, and 10 outrageous new items to add to your arsenal like Winged Monkeys, Whoopsie Cushions, and a Teleport Raygun. It sure seems like these worms have adapted to the age of technology pretty well!

Worms Clan Wars

But what fun is wriggling around in the dirt all by your lonesome? Well not to fear, worm cadet! Worms Clan Wars features full multiplayer clan league support, with online Deathmatch and Fort modes, and the ability to create and share your own league emblems, as well as your very own level landscapes through Steam’s Workshop support. While Worms Clan Wars will be exclusively released on PC in Q3 of 2013, players will also be able to download a special companion app on their iOS or Android devices, so they can keep up-to-date with their clan’s performance and other changes in the overall league wherever they go.