Slots and RPGs have never made such a fitting pair.

Ah, slots and RPGs. They seem like a bit of an odd couple a la Kanye and Kim, but they keep ending up together. Their latest offspring isn’t named North, but rather Slot Revolution: Hero’s Journey. Set to hit iOS, Android and Kindle later this summer from Konami, this free-to-play mobile adventure marries simple gameplay with intriguingly deep RPG features that should help it appeal to a wide cross-section of mobile gamers.

Spinning is the name of the game in Slot Revolution, both for questing and combat. The reels control everything, but the interesting part is how you interact with them. In battles, the three reels represent your character and two companions. Each reel can be stopped individually, with the goal to line up symbols that either do damage to your enemies or heal or buff your party. Coming up with the wrong icons inflicts harm on you instead, and three of the same symbol can either be really good or really bad.

Slot Revolution

Since this is a full-featured RPG we’re talking about, there’s a wide range of weapons and armor available, all of which affects the reels in different ways. Weapons can be merged together to power them up, and there’s even a crafting system that utilizes materials won in battle. You can change the class of your character at any time simply by equipping different gear.

Each quest has a boss battle at the end of it, which may require you to spend some loot on boosts. An elemental system operates on a rock-paper-scissors dynamic, and an info screen at the beginning of each quest gives you a heads up on what types of elemental monsters you are likely to encounter. That will allow you to set your strategy ahead of time, and possibly pick different friends to use as companions. If you don’t have any friends playing the game, you’ll get your allies the same way you get a court-appointed attorney: they’ll be randomly assigned to you (um, not that I’d know or anything).

Slot Revolution

The idea is that the game can be as simple or as involved as you want it to be, and it appears Konami has the balance figured out just right. Slot Revolution has a chance to be the rare mash-up that is greater than the sum of its parts. Watch for it to hit your mobile device of choice before the temperatures start dropping.