To rule, or to swindle?

Calling all ye Royal Envoy! Playrix is back with Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown, where the future of your prosperous kingdom is put in dire jeopardy! The game is the next installment in Playrix’s popular resource management series, after Royal Envoy and Royal Envoy 2, both of which scored glowing reviews from us here at Gamezebo. But in this new iteration, the biggest question still remains: will you run your royal kingdom as a king or as a swindler instead?

In Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown, the royal monarchy is at risk when a mysterious figure in a black cloak breaks into the palace and challenges the King’s right to the throne. So as is often the case when someone’s authority is thrown into question, the kingdom decides to hold an election between the current King and this fearful new stranger (who is also apparently a pretty convincing political advocate). It will be up to you to ensure the King wins reelection, and that the kingdom can continue on in peace!

The latest Royal Envoy game marks a return to the series’ addictive resource management gameplay, with a few new twists added in to the shining cartoonish visuals. The story mode contains 63 expansive levels, with dozens of fun quests and even an Expert Mode to further challenge your management skills. The main quest will take you to all sorts of exotic and unfamiliar locations, including the mesmerizing Flying Islands and Jolly Roger Strait. And I have to say, just from watching the debut gameplay trailer Campaign for the Crown in action, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen such a city-building and time management game look so lively before!

Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown

Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown will be available on PC next Friday, June 28, and players have the option to download the game exclusively from the Playrix website. A Collector’s Edition of the game will also be available, which includes such extras as 30 bonus levels in the main story campaign, beautiful wallpapers featuring the game’s art to set as your desktop background, and the game’s full original soundtrack. So again, I ask: what kind of leader will you be?