Swampy ain’t got nothing on Mickey!

When a little physics-puzzle game about an alligator named Swampy who just wanted to take a shower hit the App Store in 2011, I don’t think anyone was expecting the colossal hit that was about to rock the world of mobile gaming. It soon became clear that Disney’s Where My Water? was simply too big to be held in that underground bathtub, so next players saw a licensed sequel in Where’s My Perry?, based on the popular Disney cartoon, Phineas and Ferb. Well now we finally know what’s in store for the future of Where’s My…? games, and that future is starring none other than Disney’s own Mickey Mouse!

In Where’s My Mickey?, players will need to help Mickey Mouse find, what else, but water! Now why does Mickey Mouse need so much water you might ask? Well it seems like it will be for a number of reasons, depending on the episode, but the debut trailer shows Mickey running a lemonade stand on the beach for a line of thirsty beachgoers, when he sees that his water jug has run dry. While the game sticks true to the proven Where’s My…? style of gameplay, there seems to be enough new twists and turns added that should keep veteran water-finders always on their toes.

Where's My Mickey?

New to the Where’s My…? franchise will be the advent of challenging weather mechanics like wind, rain, clouds, and plants, which augment the acclaimed physics gameplay in fresh and exciting new ways. For instance, who needs to control all those water pipes when you have a giant storm cloud that’s bursting with rain to do it for you?! But I have to say my favorite part about the upcoming game so far is the animated levels, which task players with completing entire episodes to see how the original animated Mickey cartoons will end. New Mickey friends are also promised with each of the initial five episodes, including everyone’s favorites, Goofy and Pluto.

With over 100 challenging levels, as well as 20 special “extra-LARGE” levels exclusively for tablets, there’s a whole lot of content here to whet your whistle. Like the rubber ducks and garden gnomes from the first two games, Where’s My Mickey? will also feature its own unique hidden collectables system, where players can help Pluto try and snag three quirky, smiling stars in each level. What’s really great about Where’s My Mickey? is that, despite being in the same canon as Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry?, the game has its own distinct art style that sets it apart from the other two games. If not for those familiar level setups of a Where’s My…? game, you might very well think you were playing something straight out of a Mickey Mouse cartoon instead!

Where's My Mickey?

The game is inspired by the new series of “Mickey Mouse” Cartoon Shorts that is set to premiere on the Disney Channel on Friday, June 28. Luckily, you won’t have to wait quite that long to play Where’s My Mickey?, because the game will be available this Thursday, June 20, for iOS, Android, and Windows tablets and PCs.