We’ve heard rumblings about this one for quite some time now, but today 2K and Firaxis Games have officially confirmed that the popular and critically acclaimed turn-based tactical game XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming to iOS this Thursday, June 20. This anticipated release will mark a substantial shift towards bringing full and in-tact console or PC gaming experiences to the mobile screen.

Alongside the exciting announcement, 2K also unleashed the very first screenshot of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS in action, which features an XCOM soldier about to score an impressive headshot against one ugly-looking alien. The game will also include GameCenter support, as well as iCloud functionality, so players can save their games across multiple iOS devices. XCOM Enemy Unknown will be available for iPhone and iPad at the price of $19.99.


Now this certainly may seem like a steep selling price to some as far as mobile games go, but XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the real deal here, and will be a complete touchscreen iteration of the full PC game. Better yet, we have already reported that the iOS version of XCOM will not contain any in-app purchases on top of that initial price tag. The game’s heated multiplayer mode is also said to make an appearance as a free update at some point later on down the road.