Having your own minion sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it? After all, most of us can barely manage to make coffee within an hour of rolling out of bed, so possessing a thrall who can do it for you without scalding themselves (or you) isn’t the worst idea. However, possessing and controlling minions is serious business in Minions & Immortals, an action role-playing/city-building hybrid for iOS. There’s treasure to find and glory to reclaim. Coffee will have to wait.

You play through Minions & Immortals as a newly-awoken god who has seemingly lost many of the powers that actually make you godly. Luckily, you’ve clung to the ability to possess mortal followers—”Minions”—who can serve as vessels and do your bidding. Through Minions, you can explore the fantasy land of Aetheria and hunt for knowledge, power, and treasure.

Minions & Immortals lets you explore Aetheria solo, but its fleshed-out multiplayer features also let you team up with up to two other Immortals for good times with friends. Most dungeons last about five minutes, making it a perfect pastime for anyone who wants to play god during their coffee break.


There are 15 Minion races to play with, each with their own affinities. You utilize talent trees to customize their skills, meaning each Minion you develop will be unique. You can start with humans, orcs, and goblins, then work your way up to angels and demons. Minions can perform tasks on their own, but they stand a better chance of succeeding if you possess them and go along with them (you know how goblins are about directions).

Even gods need a place to kick up their feet, and Minions & Immortals lets you build a city for your Immortal. Your city is where you manage your Minions and craft armor and items. If you get tired of bossing around your Minions, though, you can engage in raids or PvP with your fellow Immortals.

If you deign to pledge, the gods (meaning Flat Toe Studio) will reward you. $15 nets you $30 worth of in-game credits as well as an exclusive in-game flag and the digital soundtrack. $30 nabs you $60 worth of in-game credits, rare starter gear (which includes a weapon, armor, and trinket) and a digital art book. $60 gets you a rare minion, a unique Immortal name, and $120 worth of in-game credits. For $100, you can get a lifetime 5% bonus on any in-game credits that you purchase, 2 rare Minions, a killer set of starting gear, and a Minions & Immortals T-shirt.


If you want to do some hardcore tithing, $500 gets you a 10% bonus on all in-game credits, uniquely-skinned Minions, and a great set of starting gear. For $750, you’ll be allowed to design your own in-game flag (and you’ll receive a high-quality print of it). At the highest tier—$10,000—you’ll star in your very own raid or quest line.

There are tons more great prizes, so visit the Minions & Immortals Kickstarter page to become like the gods.

Project Name: Minions and Immortals

Platforms: iOS

Funds Needed: $100,000

Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $7,004

Days Left:  26

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