Slice through the vacuum of space and defeat space goons in Galactic Skater.

They say kids have boundless energy, and this appears to hold true for a young lad named Ricky. Ricky is the star of UpTap’s upcoming iOS skating game, Galactic Skater. But unlike most kids his age, his energy isn’t supplied by sugar and an all-encompassing love for life that hasn’t been shorn into ribbons by the weight of the world. Ricky is actually a super hero.

When the sun is up, Ricky is an average kid. He goes to school, does his homework, plays with his friends, and enjoys skateboarding. But when the sun goes down and the rest of us have conked out in front of infomercials for low-end blenders, Ricky puts on his super suit, grabs his “space board,” and becomes Galactic Skater.

Your job is to help Ricky put down the space monsters slithering all over Galactic Skater, but before you can bring peace to the galaxy, you need to learn how to keep your balance. Several courses are scattered through four different galaxies, and each one is tricky to navigate. If you’ve navigated Rainbow Road in the Mario Kart series with white knuckles, then you know what to expect when you suit up with Ricky.

Galactic Skater

Fortunately, you can collect coins that let you buy power-ups and also let you upgrade your suit. You’ll need every edge you can get, since the courses in Galactic Skater are filled with narrow pathways, sharp turns, twists, ramps, wormholes, and loops. Oh, and if you think that the Supreme Being thought to add guard rails to these interstellar highways, you’d be sadly mistaken.

Galactic Skater is coming soon to iOS.