More than just apples and oranges here.

I like oranges. I mean, they’re not my all-time favorite fruit or anything, but I still think they’re pretty tasty, and it’s a shame they always seem to be given the shaft next to the grocery store’s poster boy: the apple. But do you know what I like even more than eating oranges? Oranges in video games. Well it’s certainly been a long time coming, and for most of us, we didn’t even really know this time was coming, but here it is nonetheless: Cover Orange 2 is happening, and the game is being released on iOS next week!

A sequel to 2010’s hugely successful Cover Orange, Cover Orange 2 sees developer Johnny-K going back to the juicer once more in their fullest form, with 120 new and juicy levels, intricate puzzle mechanics like trampolines, glass, and spiked-balls, and even a time-travelling component, which sees our hero trading peels with knight oranges and pirate oranges in unique game environments set in different eras of time. You’ll also be able to completely customize your orange hero with the game’s new dressing room feature, and you can even share your orangey designs with all of your fruit-loving friends.

As far as the actual gameplay is concerned, Cover Orange 2 still manages to stay true to the spirit and challenge of the original game, despite the new twists and slew of additional features. The debut trailer of the game in action showcases all sorts of wacky contraptions that are fully brought to life through bright and colorful cartoony graphics. And trust me when I say those innocent oranges look so adorable in the game that you’re certainly going to want to try your hardest to make sure they come out of this journey through time unscathed. After all, no one wants to eat a bruised orange, right?

Cover Orange 2

In celebration of the big Cover Orange 2 release that’s happening next Thursday, FDG Entertainment has announced a special promotional sale that will get you the original Cover Orange game on either iPhone or iPad completely for free! The offer will only be available for a limited time though, so act now and get yourself some free oranges today! When’s the last time you ever saw such a great deal on produce at your local grocery store?