Nice try, lizard lips!

Don’t you hate it when you’re just trying to spend a nice day outside enjoying your passive towers, when a whole onslaught of Lizardmen shows up to ruin your day with their scaly and lizardly ways? I know me too. But it looks like we’re both going to have to get used to it now, because Blowfish Studios is getting ready to release Siegecraft TD in conjunction with Crescent Moon Games, a quintessential tower defense game that’s light on the passivity, and heavy on the frantic lizard-filled gameplay.

But first things first: Siegecraft TD should not be confused with the popular 3D physics-based cannon defense game, Siegecraft THD, also by Blowfish Studios. Siegecraft TD is a completely new game built from the ground up and set in the same Siegecraft universe, but with the main difference being a fuller emphasis on core tower defense gameplay. There is also 100% more Lizardmen than in previous titles, which is certainly not something to scoff at either. I recently had a chance to check out an early preview build of the game, and to see how Siegecraft would dive headfirst into this shade of strict tower defense gameplay.

Based on my initial impressions from the beta version of the game, what makes Siegecraft TD so unique is that players can fully manipulate the game screen to find any kind of strategic viewpoint imaginable. From pinching the screen to zoom in on those hordes of ugly Lizardmen, to panning around the map with a simple tap and drag motion, to using a two-finger swipe to completely rotate the camera, this is definitely one of the most freeing and open tower defense games I’ve ever experienced to date. As far as the gameplay is concerned, Siegecraft TD is a tower defense game through and through, and a really fun one at that.

The game also features a number of unique and deadly towers, like the Druid Shrine, which shoots sticky spider webs to slow those lizards right in their tracks, and the Pot of Lava, which rains goopy, red-hot hell down on the battlefield. Each of the initial 20 stages can be completed on both an Easy and a Hard mode, and everything is neatly laid out on a sprawling and interactive world map. Defeating Lizardmen and other enemy variants will net you some serious coinage, which you can ration into buying additional towers, or upgrading the ones you already have to more powerful attack tiers.

Siegecraft TD

While no official release date has been confirmed for Siegecraft TD just quite yet, the game is still on track to stretch its lizard legs onto iOS and Android devices at some point in 2013. Keep checking back on Gamezebo for all the latest updates on the pure tower defense fun!