LET’S GET READY TO (strategically) RUMBLE!!

Described as the first “Multiplayer Online Squad Strategy” game, Champs: Battlegrounds looks to take the careful planning of a strategy game, the real-time battles of an action game, and fuse it all together with heightened graphics and exhilarating gameplay. Quark Games has already been making a name for themselves by producing high-octane mobile gaming experiences, like we learned from their last title Valor: Trial by Sword; and everything we’ve seen so far from Champs: Battlegrounds looks to be keeping up with this new gaming tradition.

Before jumping headfirst into the real-time player-versus-player battling that makes up the bulk of Champs: Battlegrounds, players will first need to select and build their squad from over dozens of different heroes: each with their own unique abilities and mythological races to make for one truly intricate melting pot of playing styles. We get a glimpse of a few of these heroes in the game’s official announcement trailer, including the Acolyte, Archer, Bandit, Engineer, and Knight.

Each intense real-time battle itself lasts mere minutes, as players need to think fast and coordinate the movements of their Champs around the game board, while their opponents are constantly trying to do the same. Balancing powerful attacks and spells with these maneuvers will be the key to victory, or if you’re not quick enough on your feet, defeat.


Champs: Battlegrounds

In speaking about the exciting new gaming endeavor, Founder and CEO of Quark Games, Eric Peng, had this to say about all of the squad-based battling fun that’s on the horizon for our smartphones and tablets: “The team at Quark Games is dedicated to making Champs: Battlegrounds a fast, fun and tactical real-time gaming experience, which we feel has yet to be done right on tablet and mobile.” Peng also promises that the endless choices of squad combinations, along with the individual management of your specific Champs will add up to a deep and immersive experience unmatched by many other mobile titles today.

Like many new games on the mobile market these days, Champs: Battlegrounds will be easily accessible to the casual gamer, while still providing a larger amount of instilled depth to satisfy the more hardcore crowd. Quark Games also promises that Champs: Battlegrounds will include cross-platform play when the game launches on mobile devices for free at some point this summer, with an optimized matchmaking system that pairs players up with random online opponents of the same skill level.