Make a deal with an evil witch and you’ll pay the price.

Have you ever started a sentence with “I’d give anything to…”? Well Monica uttered those very words when her sister Anna was crippled with cancer. But much to Monica’s surprise, a voice answered from her mirror promising to grant her wish in exchange for her soul. Monica immediately accepted the offer and her sister made a miraculous recovery. Unfortunately, that voice belonged to an evil witch named Sybil, and she’s in no mood to play nice.

Reveries: Sisterly Love tells the story of Monica’s sacrifice through the eyes of her newly-recovered sister Anna, who steps through the mirror in an attempt to save her sister from the witch who stole Monica’s soul. As soon as Anna enters the wonky world of Dreamland, crazy things start to happen. Like a purple rhinoceros made out of smoke running through a field, and a fire-breathing bird-dragon thing jumping out and attacking. Fortunately, the criminally good-looking Prince Addris comes to Anna’s rescue, and with his help, she’ll find her sister and stop Sybil from destroying the idyllic world inside the mirror.

Reveries: Sisterly Love

Reveries: Sisterly Love dumps the gloomy hidden object setting for something bright, creative and whimsical. Dreamland is filled with fairy tale creatures and magical beings of all shapes and sizes, from snoozing trees to delicate fireflies, and even a talking vine or two. It features a wealth of adventure-style exploration that leads you from puzzle to puzzle as you search for the items you need to move forward. Mini-games play a major role in solving many of the puzzles, and they too present a creative and unique spin on the norm.

Hidden object scenes are fairly uncommon in Reveries: Sisterly Love, and in a somewhat rare change of pace, you’ll actually wish there were more of them. Instead of bland lists to hunt for, hidden object scenes alternate between image- and riddle-based puzzles. In one scene you might look for a number of a single item, for example, while in the next you must use object shadows to find the correct item on the screen. The best are the riddle scenes that force you to do a little thinking outside the box. The first of these challenges you to find eight pairs of items that “work together.” So, say, a toothbrush and one of those clacking teeth toys. Not only do you have to seek out objects in a crowded scene, but you also have to solve the riddle of what goes with what. Reveries: Sisterly Love turns this into a satisfying puzzle experience that adds a lot of life to each hidden object scene.

Reveries: Sisterly Love

There’s a definite sense of awe and wonder present in every part of Reveries. Underscoring that fact is the sacrifice that one sister made for the other, lending a heartwarming spin to what would otherwise be a purely surreal and largely unrelatable adventure. As it stands, the artwork, storytelling and gameplay strike a beautiful balance that draws you in from the very beginning.

Reveries: Sisterly Love is not only a fantastic hidden object game: it’s also a rare opportunity to play an adventure that isn’t all about spooky mansions or insane asylums. Some of the puzzle solutions are the tiniest bit arbitrary, like using a fan to get rid of some bees, but logic is never stretched beyond its bounds. Apart from that, you can expect a flawless quest through hill and dale as you search for your sister and solve some truly entertaining mini-games and puzzles.