Is your bond with your best friend strong enough to fend off the Dark Forces?

My best friend and I have been best friends ever since we first met way back in the fourth grade. But if our entire fairy tale kingdom depended on that close bond of friendship to save the land from harm, well I think that would put a little strain on even the strongest of friendships. So goes the plot of Flight of Fancy: Two Doves, a whimsical new hidden object adventure from ERS Game Studios, the same HOG developers who brought us recent gems like Reveries: Sisterly Love and Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death.

The game’s storyline follows two best friends named King Eridan and the count, who exist inside of a magical fairy-tale kingdom. In order to combat against the evil Dark Forces that always seem to pop up when things are going quite merry in fairy-tale land, the Gods have presented the best-bud duo with two magical doves. But here’s the catch: the one person who owns both of these doves will be rendered undefeatable in any kind of battle.

Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

So one dove is kept in King Eridan’s tower, while the other lives with the count. Whenever the Dark Forces approach the magical realm, the two doves are then put in the same cage together to drive off any kind of opposition. This works well enough until one day when the count’s Dove gets stolen from his palace and your adventure begins on the brink of a vulnerable world.

Looking at the first few released screenshots of the game, we see an incredibly rich and imaginative fairy tale land, that looks like it could have been taken straight out from the pages of a Brothers Grimm storybook. From a magnificent castle with an ornate carriage waiting outside next to a sprawling pink plant; to the inside of the castle with lavish red carpets and tapestries; and even a crumbling back alley with watchful and still gargoyles, this is one hidden object world that I personally can’t wait to explore.

Flight of Fancy: Two Doves

We don’t know much else about Flight of Fancy: Two Doves right now, but judging by ERS Game Studios’ excellent track record of captivating hidden object adventures, I think we can expect to see lots of breathtaking adventuring, head-scratching puzzling, and of course, hunting for hidden objects in the most crowded of rooms. And I’m making my guess now: something tells me that King Eridan and the count might not be as “best friendly” as the two might initially seem.