It feels like I’ve been seeing Toki Tori 2 pop up on Steam’s “Coming Soon” section for what must be years by now. And in fact, the original announcement of the game’s release on Steam was actually made way back in October of 2011, so it looks like I’m not crazy after all! Well good news today for fans of the cute and cuddly puzzle platformer, as Two Tribes has announced that Toki Tori 2 will finally be released on Steam on July 2.

The Wii U version of the game came out this past April, but what you’ll get on Steam this July won’t be a mere port of the Nintendo version. To make it up to the Steam community for the long delay, Two Tribes wanted to throw in some extra features for the long-awaited release, such as improved gameplay and presentation, a custom level editor, and even support for Steam Workshop integration and Steam achievements.

In these efforts, the developers have decided to rechristen the game as “Toki Tori 2+” with that little plus-sign at the end, which serves as the universal symbol for “more” and “awesome” and “better.” Toki Tori 2+ can be preordered right now on the game’s official Steam page.