Nuclear Outrun gives you two options: Drive or Fry.

There’s never a bad time to go for a drive, not even during a nuclear apocalypse. Especially during a nuclear apocalypse. What’s better than listening to your tires crunch under the bones of zombies while the scorching, irradiated wind whips through what remains of your hair?

If you’ve not yet experienced the joy of a last, desperate drive to safety, your time is coming. Gamenauts is bringing (and upgrading) the hit Flash game Nuclear Outrun to iOS. Currently hosted on Kongregate, Nuclear Outrun takes place at the utter end of civilization. Little remains except mutants, rubble, and burnt corpses, but you’re still alive—and there’s one last missile bearing down on you. You need to drive far enough from ground zero to avoid getting flash-fried.

Nuclear Outrun

You can make your escape in 18 different vehicles, including an ice cream truck, a “catmobile,” and the ominous-sounding “Terminatus X.” Your getaway car has the power to climb over some of the rubble scattered on the streets, but if it can’t make it, that’s why you have path-clearing weapons on hand. Don’t wander into the wasteland without your squid launcher, your shark gun, or (this is important) your fart bazooka.

The further you drive down the road, the more likely you are to encounter survivors who can bring their own abilities into the game. If they let you down, at least you can count on your power ups, including the mysterious-sounding “Chicken Rain.”

Nuclear Outrun

Nuclear Outrun is coming to the App Store in July. You won’t be snowboarding through this nuclear winter, so don’t bother trying.