More Kingdom Rush is never a bad thing.

It’s almost an impossible task to come up with a list of tower defense games that have seen more popular success and critical acclaim than Ironhide Games’ Kingdom Rush. Seriously, this game has some pretty great stuff going on. However, I fear that the reign of Kingdom Rush is about to be cut short; but luckily, this is only because the game will most likely be toppled by its next iteration, which already looks to be even more fun and engrossing than the first.

Billed as the official sequel to Kingdom Rush, Ironhide has announced Kingdom Rush: Frontiers this week, a game which plans to take that highly addictive and fast-paced TD gameplay and charm, and make the experience even bigger and more tower defense-ier in every sense of the word. In the official press release, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers promises to unleash another “assault on your free time,” and encourages you to cancel your plans in order to reinforce! Now that sounds like my kind of game already.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

But like any sequel to a wildly successful game, the inevitable question must be asked: what will this next installment ultimately bring to the table? Well I’m glad you asked, because Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is coming fully loaded with 8 new special towers, tons of new levels set in exotic environments like deserts, caves, and jungles, and a massive new enemy hoard that features every kind of foe from scorpions to gorillas.

If somehow that wasn’t enough to whet your tower defense appetite, then you might further be interested to know that the Kingdom Rush sequel will also add a whole new group of heroes into the mix, like Cronan the Beastmaster and Sha’Tra the Alien Predator, and there have even been talks of a mythical Black Dragon who will quite effectively set your enemies on fire, and greatly help you towards earning all of the game’s 70 achievements.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is set to launch on June 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, and a debut gameplay trailer of all those powerful new towers in action can be seen right over here on the Ironhide official YouTube channel. And if somehow you haven’t hopped on board yet with all the Kingdom Rush fanaticism, the game shouldn’t be too hard to find, as it’s most likely sitting pretty at the top of the App Store charts no matter what device or platform you’re currently using.