An animated visual novel that’s looking to soar.

If My Heart Had Wings is a visual novel that’s coming to PC from MoeNovel. Its events are centered around several youth seeking to discover the joy of flight, so fortunately, its title isn’t literal. After all, if your heart actually had wings, it’d burst from your chest and fly away like some gory crimson bird.

The main characters of If My Heart Had Wings attend Keifu Academy, a technical school located in a suburb outside of Tokyo. A refreshing breeze blows through the town constantly, which inspires Aoi Minase (a young boy left injured from a bike racing accident) and Kotori Habane (a young girl bound to a wheelchair in a town that’s full of hills) to revive the “Soaring Club” and build a glider.

If My Heart Had Wings

Like many Japanese visual novels, If My Heart Had Wings offers several paths to its ending. The story explores every character in-depth and unravels their motivations and frustrations. Habane is of special note, since the game’s story goes into detail about how she lost her ability to walk, and how she intends to go flying.

The graphics in most visual novels are, in a word, stiff. However, If My Heart Had Wings features high-quality in-game movies and animations, which will solidify your bond with its cast and motivate you to get involved with its story.

If My Heart Had Wings will be coming to PC soon. To prepare, you should listen to Pink Floyd’s “Learning to Fly” sixteen times in a row.