So. Many. Blocks!

Hyper Breaker Turbo is one of the most exciting brick-breaking arcade games out there. Actually, that sentence sounds a bit bland. This game deserves better. Hyper Breaker Turbo is Breakout injected with a proprietary blend of nitrous and the blood of a rampaging bull. It’s fast, it’s challenging, it’s filled with awesome power-ups, and even though it’s filled with failures and successes, it never gets frustrating.

Hyper Breaker Turbo

It’s time to break some blocks. How many blocks? Lots of them. All of them. At the time of this writing, Hyper Breaker Turbo players have broken 1,001,443 blocks in all. You can tell because it says so right on the title screen! Each level in Hyper is stuffed with blocks of all colors and types. Some contain power-ups, some require multiple hits to break, and still more hide other surprises. Armed with a simple arched paddle, you must keep the ball bouncing back and forth between yourself and the top of the screen. This happens very fast, hence the “hyper” and “turbo” tags.

You can only move the paddle in a narrow band at the bottom of the screen. This gives you plenty of space to maneuver, though, and also allows you to swipe up to give the ball a good stiff knock upwards. Blocks are slowly chipped away by this ball, and occasionally a nice power-up will drift down from above. Most brick breaking games keep bonus items to a stale minimum, offering an elongated paddle here, a time bonus there. With Hyper Breaker Turbo, expect to be toppled over by the variety and impact that power-ups can have. Some of the boring basics give you extra points or additional lives, but others include a spring-loaded paddle cover, bombs, bullets, shields and gravity adjustments.

Hyper Breaker Turbo

When the ball busts through to higher parts of the level, the screen automatically scrolls to keep it visible. This can often push blocks below the movement bar, allowing them to serve as sort of a safety catch between you and the ball-killing lava below. It’s a nice feature that can add a lot of strategy to the game’s 75 levels. Fumble too many returns and you’ll have to start the stage over, but if you can keep breaking things all the way to the finish line, you get to move on to the next, even crazier level!

There really isn’t much room for drawbacks to a game as finely-tuned as Hyper Breaker Turbo. It manages to avoid most of the pitfalls found in similar sorts of games, by cutting out long sessions of the ball just knocking back and forth while you sit and yawn. The whole “last block left” problem has also been eliminated, as you don’t have to clear every brick on your way to the goal. Just bust a crack through and touch the finish line and you’re good to go! That being said, one significant downside is the game won’t appeal to everyone. Action this intense can be off-putting if you’re looking for a more sedentary gaming experience.

Hyper Breaker Turbo

With a variety of beautiful level designs, challenging stage layouts, awesome power-ups and intense gameplay, Hyper Breaker Turbo is one of the best brick breaking games we’ve seen in a long time. Simple to play, but mastering it will take a very long time!