I don’t know about you, but I tend to like a nice dose of action with my weekly helping of new mobile games. And judging from the look of tonight’s new iOS releases, mobile gamers will have nothing short of all that fast-paced arcade bliss to keep us up at night.

Whether that means you’re a smart and savvy western gal with an appetite for killing zombies, a prehistoric hunter who wants to wipe the thought of dinosaurs clean from the history books, or even a Breakout slider that loves destroying bricks, this week is sure to bring you all of that touchscreen action that we here at Gamezebo know you crave.


Hyper Breaker Turbo – I’ve always been a big fan of the simple style of Breakout games. I’m sure you know the ones: where you move a little slider back and forth on the bottom of the screen, and make a ball ricochet back and forth to clear a series of colorful bricks. And I mean really, what’s not to love? Well Hyper Breaker Turbo takes that simple and classic game concept and boosts it tenfold. In fact, your slider can actually move throughout each sidescrolling course to follow the ball, while dodging dozens of obstacles along the way, to make for one extremely unique vertical adventure.


Zombie Fish Tank – Does anyone remember the old PopCap arcade classic Feeding Frenzy, where you play as a friendly little fish that has to eat other, smaller fish to grow bigger in a number of soothing and relaxing ocean environments? Well Zombie Fish Tank is sort of a similar concept: if you exchange the laid-back gameplay and calming atmosphere for tons of blood, gnashing zombie fish teeth, toxic waters filled with rotting fish guts, and of course, a deadly laser attachment for your fins. I think I’m completely okay with making this violently awesome fish trade.


Jane Wilde – When I first heard the title of Little Bit’s latest game, Jane Wilde, my immediate reaction was something along the lines of a Jane Austen or Oscar Wilde fantasy adventure, where a prim and proper young woman sees the sights and sounds of a historical time period. But I guess that’s just the literature major in me. In actuality, Jane Wilde is an awesome cartoony beat-em-up shooter, in the vein of other such sidescrolling gems as Fangz and Zombieville USA. Smart, sexy, and brain-spilling violent, Jane Wilde even features what looks to be an epic boss fight with a giant hairy leg. I wonder if Jane Austen ever faced such a harrowing adventure during in her life.



Call of Mini: DinoHunter – I love dinosaurs as much as the next paleontologist, but something tells me that if we had all been alive during their time, there would have been a slight conflict of interest. Whether you’re a fan of the popular Call of Mini series or not, I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone is a fan of hunting massive prehistoric dinosaurs at heart, and on that front, DinoHunter does more than deliver. With 32 savage dinosaurs, 24 exciting boss fights, and over 20 different weapons to take them all down with, this high-octane action title will ensure that those pesky brontosauruses stay in the past where they belong!