It’s too bad they never had a “50-yard Dungeon Dash” event during Track and Field Day.

Am I the only one who’s a little sick and tired of the term “dungeon crawler”? I mean, these dank and treasure-filled caves are just lurking with bats and spiders and other nasty creatures at every turn, so why not make a serious break for it as soon as you get inside? Get in and get out with that treasure is what I say!

Well it seems like at least someone out there shares my dungeon crawling mentality, as Dungeon Dashers from Jigxor prepares to bring an “action packed, turn-based, co-operative dungeon crawler” experience right to your PC. Holy adjectives, Batman! Players will choose between a Wizard, Knight, Rogue and Ranger character type, and take on everything from Rancid Orcs to Chaos Dragons in a unique board game-style twist.

Dungeon Dashers

Dungeon Dashers has everything you’d expect from a dungeon crawling game: lots of loot and gold to find in glowing treasure chests; frightening monsters with gnashing teeth; and hidden equipment like bows, swords, and staffs that are sure to help you speed your way through all of those particularly testy dungeons. Needless to say, there is a ton of dungeon-dashing goodness all packed up into one tiny package.

Even though the game is currently still in development, the final version plans to feature over 20 different enemies and epic boss battles; 40 levels spread across 5 different dungeon-loving environments; and more than 30 player skills and equipment pieces to find and unlock. But my favorite feature so far? The 4-player online co-op capabilities, which should really come in handy when tackling that bonus hardcore mode after completing the main game for the first time. Because anything that even slightly calls to mind Midway’s classic Gauntlet series is A-OK in my book (or dungeon scroll).

Dungeon Dashers

While the graphics resemble your typical retro-style dungeon crawler, there is still a bit of refined artistry at play here, with smooth character designs and some truly fluid gameplay animations. Even though an official release date for the game has yet to be confirmed, if you really want to start dashing your way through some dungeons soon, then you can purchase access to the unfinished alpha build of the game on the Dungeon Dashers website, in one of three different downloadable packages.