With the increasing rise in popularity of the mobile games industry, it seems like everyone is trying their hand at making their own mobile game these days: and that growing list now includes the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

In Run That Town, a new game that’s being described as “Australia’s answer to SimCity,” players will be able to use real census data in order to make decisions that will either cause them to gain or lose from a pool of influence points. However, a lot of these big-time decisions in the game are not always so cut and dry: just like in real life.

The different consensus data is separated in the game by Australia’s real-live postal codes, where heavy senior citizen areas will yield a much different result of influence points than areas primarily populated with businesspeople or residential homeowners. The game has very simple and eye-catching visuals, and is said to actually be pretty deep underneath the surface of all those blue-skinned news anchormen with no eyes or mouths.

Run That Town is currently available for free on the Australian App Store, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any future coverage of the game, or if any other statistics bureaus from your home countries decide to get in on all of the mobile development fun.