Build up your own defenses and then tear down your neighbors’ walls in Dark District.

Spoiler alert: the future sucks. World governments have crumbled, and humanity itself was on the verge of extinction until a monumental discovery snatched us from the brink. Now, new forms of energy allow us to live in tightly-packed cities, but the scarcity of resources and the breakdown of law and order have made people pretty grabby. Dark District for iOS is a clan building/strategy game that’s all about protecting what’s yours—and taking what belongs to your neighbor.

Dark District

Dark District takes place in the middle of a bustling city you call home. You have a rooftop base that generates energy. In turn, the energy goes back into building barracks, command centers, defenses for your base, and war machines that you can use to blunder your neighbors’ yards.

Like Clash of Clans, building is half of Dark District‘s action. The other half is combat. The campaign has multiple levels for you to invade. You must decide how to best deploy your attackers, or else you risk getting shot to pieces by turrets and machine guns. Similarly, you can take down random online opponents—and they can knock on your door, too. Rest assured, they will not borrow a cup of sugar and be on their merry way.

Dark District

Dark District features gorgeous 3D graphics that highlight the rough living conditions in the combat-crazed cities of the future. A techno soundtrack keeps you company while you decide where to lay down your defenses.

Dark District is coming to the worldwide App Store soon. Love thy neighbor: wreck his stuff.