Because the world just needs more competitive painting games.

Do you remember that old Mario Party mini-game where you and your friends would have to compete to see who could cover a blank piece of paper with the most paint in 60 seconds? Now imagine an entire game based around that simple, but wildly fun premise. Then ask yourself why nobody thought of this idea sooner.

In perhaps the first mobile game to combine racing with painting, Brush Master by Inter-illusion Games takes competitive painting to an amazing new level. With tons of colors, depth, and even colossal boss fights, this one is sure to leave your smock splattered with all sorts of fun. The goal of each stage is simple: have the majority of the blank paper canvas covered in your color when the timer is up. Of course, things become much more hectic when you throw in multiple players all trying to do the same thing at once.

As you battle (or paint) it out online with your friends, or against the computer-controlled A.I. in the game’s campaign, you’ll be able to snag some explosive power-up collectables to give you the artistic edge. These power-ups run the gamut of advantages from freezing your opponent and making your paint brush bigger, to spewing random paint drops all over the page and stunning your opponent with a powerful rocket.

In addition to the main paint roller character types, it also looks like you’ll be able to encounter a number of other paint-sloshing adversaries, such as a lawnmower with an overflowing bucket of paint sitting on top.

Brush Master

The game will be available to everyone soon on PC, Android, and iOS platforms, but for now you can get your hands dirty with the Brush Master open beta, which you can play right in your web browser. And I highly suggest you do, because the fluid and simple controls are only matched by the game’s wonderful graphics. So the next time I have an argument with one of my painter friends, you can bet your sweet easel we’ll know how to solve our differences this time around.