We’ve been hearing a lot of rumbling (or squawking) around these parts lately about the hotly anticipated Angry Birds animated movie that Rovio has wanted to make. We already knew that a number of major studios were vying for the rights to purchase the film, but now we have official confirmation this week that Sony Pictures Entertainment has been the early bird to get the multi-million dollar worm.

After the colossal and unmatched success of the Angry Birds brand and franchise, Rovio has made no secret about how the company wants to expand beyond just the realm of gaming, and into a broader role in the entertainment industry at large. While the upcoming Angry Birds movie will be Rovio’s first plunge into the world of film, seasoned Angry Birds fans will already be familiar with the developer’s work on the weekly Angry Birds Toons animated shorts, which debuted this past March.

Sony is also no stranger to hit animated features lately either, with Hotel Transylvania and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs already under their belt, along with several others. In addressing their excitement about the future project and their new partnership with Rovio, Michael Lynton and Amy Pascal, Chairman and Co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, respectively, had this to say: “Every studio in town would love to add Angry Birds to their slate. There are few titles out there that bring this kind of excitement, brand awareness and built-in audience to the table.”

On Rovio’s side of the slingshot, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed explained that “Sony impressed us with their great attitude, determination, and professionalism. They convinced us that we have found the right partners and team to help us market and distribute our first motion picture.”

The movie is currently slated for a worldwide release on July 1, 2016. No details have been revealed about the actual plot just yet, but something tells me it will probably have something to do with birds, eggs, and some seriously bruised piggies. And did I mention that the movie will also be in 3D? Although, if I’m being completely honest, I have to say that I’m a little bit frightened about seeing those foul-tempered friends hurtling right at the screen!