Your smartphone and tablet just got a whole lot more adorable, because King has announced this morning that their popular social game Pet Rescue Saga will be headed to mobile devices starting this summer. Pet Rescue Saga is currently the third largest game overall on the Facebook platform, with more than 6 million players visiting the unique and charming fairytale landscapes on a daily basis.

In case you’re wondering how well Pet Rescue Saga might do on its new mobile home, I would kindly direct your attention to a little game called Candy Crush Saga, another release by King, which you may have – I don’t know, possibly – heard of before, or lost days of your life to playing the engrossing game on your phone.

In the official press release, CEO and co-founder of King, Riccardo Zacconi, had this to say about the company’s hopes and potential success of Pet Rescue Saga on the mobile screen: “Pet Rescue Saga’s fun puzzle challenges have proven to be extremely popular since its release in October. The game quickly became one of the most prevalent games on Facebook and is one we are confident will translate well to mobile.”

Pet Rescue Saga is currently set to launch early this summer on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. The best part about the new release is that your leaderboards, scores, and overall progress will be completely synched between both mobile and Facebook versions, so you can really make sure that every last one of those pets will be rescued!