Lead a group of explorers through the ruthless New World.

I like a good fantasy role-playing game as much as anyone, but sometimes you just get that craving for a different setting. Like, any other setting. And while there are alternatives out there, not many involve leading a group of explorers through the New World of the 16th Century. Expeditions: Conquistador will do just that come May 30, turning the search for El Dorado into a tactical RPG for PC, Mac or Linux computers.

Expeditions: Conquistador

Instead of leading a party through monster-filled dungeons, Expeditions: Conquistador will challenge you to assemble a group from more than 30 different followers to help your explorer seek out riches and fame in the mysterious land that a bunch of us now call home. That would be the Americas, though the game includes both real and legendary locales. The choice between slashing and burning your way across the New World or trying a more diplomatic approach is yours, but the developers at Logic Artists are claiming that there will be serious consequences for every decision.

Of course some of those choices are going to lead to fighting, which takes place in turn-based battles on hex-shaped maps like all unexplored lands had back then. The press releases say the combat system has “great depth and brutality,” and for all of you who feel like there’s too much hand-holding in RPGs today, you’ll be happy to hear that dead is dead when it comes to your party members.

Expeditions: Conquistador

Assuming you keep your followers in one piece, they’ll be able to specialize in five different classes and utilize skills both in and out of combat. You’ll also have the option to get some of the indigenous people to fight on your side, opening up five additional classes. There’s a small dash of resource management too, plus things like researching new technology and building equipment like barricades, torches and pulse cannons. Okay, I made up the last of those.

Four levels of difficulty will ensure the New World can be as dangerous as you want it to be. Publisher bitComposer sounds committed to getting the game out there through every possible channel, so look for Expeditions: Conquistador on Steam, GOG.com, Gamersgate, Greenman Gaming and Desura at the end of the month.