All In & Friends is a non-traditional trivia game that lets you guess at popular answers for odd questions. Weirdness counts.

Do you make a fool of yourself whenever you play a standard trivia game? When asked to define bologna, have you ever answered “a cross-section of a dachshund?” Or have you ever offered “Twilight Sparkle” when a family member asked you to name a breed of horse? It’s okay. Loopycube has a trivia game that shuns traditional, stuffy questions in favor of something a little looser and quicker-paced. All In & Friends may be exactly what you need to rekindle your love of trivia.

All In & Friends

All In & Friends  presents a “battle of trendiness” that builds off Loopycube’s All Intrivia community. You’re presented with four answers to a question, and it’s your job to bet on the most popular answer based on what the last 100 All In players selected. Luckily, most of the questions you’re asked aren’t exactly topics for thesis studies, unless some PhD student somewhere has actually researched “how people react when an alien knocks on their door,” or, “Which ice cream flavor is the tastiest.”

All In & Friends lets you compete against your pals in an all-out war of intellectual silliness. There are thousands of questions scattered across lots of categories, with more coming soon. It’s a good thing that the very nature of human existence feeds into a bottomless well of weird questions with no real answers. If you win, you get a pile of chips. Not the edible kind. Do not eat.

All In & Friends

All In & Friends is coming to the App Store soon, and will be free-to-play.