Who knew bunnies like to breed on the dance floor?

In the race for online games to go mobile, it doesn’t matter if you finish first: only that you make it there eventually. National Geographic Animal Jam will soon be added to the list of games that made it across the finish line, as the same team that created the kid-focused MMO is preparing to launch Tunnel Town on iOS. Get ready for all the bunnies you can handle, all for free.

Set in the same world of Jamaa as Animal Jam and sporting the same unique graphical style, Tunnel Town will allow players tobuild their own 3D undergroundlairs to house their ever expanding families of bunnies. Said rabbits can be fed, played with, and even put to work mining gems, because no bunny should get a free ride.

Tunnel Town

Combining different species of bunnies can lead to the discovery of rare varieties, and apparently the breeding is done on the dance floor. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a life science class, but I don’t think that’s how it’s done in real life. That aside, it’s a pretty safe bet that players will learn something while they play too.

The developers at Smart Bomb Interactive also want everyone to know that all of the game’s content can be experienced for free – as in, for no money. Yes, there will be cosmetic items to purchase, but nothing that is essential to the in-game experience.

Tunnel Town

Tunnel Town is already on the App Store in that great Northern testing region known as “Canada,” but it’s slated to release in various countries and in multiple languages in the near future.  Stay tuned to the game’s Facebook page for word on exactly when that might be. And me? I’ll be busy devising ways to avoid having my bunnies turn into something out of Night of the Lepus.