I hope all of those space stations don’t stretch out the pockets of my jeans!

I’m pretty sure it was Kanye West who once opined that no one man should have all that power. That’s here on Earth though. Out in space, you can grab all the power you want as long as you’ve got the right ship and some allies to back you up. Oh, and you’ll also have to be playing Pocket Galaxy, a multiplayer cross-platform space battle game getting ready to launch from Spectacle Games.

In the titular Pocket Galaxy, two factions called the Shards and Varians are vying for supremacy. You might be able to tip the conflict one way or the other, but every other player will be trying to do the same thing. And since everyone has a ship, ranging from small assault fighters to large capital ships, that means multiplayer space battles that can be enjoyed on iOS, Android or web browsers.

PvP clashes between either temporary groups or permanent Alliances look to be a big chunk of the gameplay. But there will be plenty to do besides conquering new territory or defending your portion of the galaxy, including mining, crafting, and visiting a convenient space station to purchase new upgrades. Spectacle is even teasing a player-centric in-game economy, which is something you don’t often see in action-oriented titles.

Pocket Galaxy

Players can advance individually within their faction by completing missions, while Honor Points will determine the ranks of Alliances and how they finish in weekly events. Finding just the right balance between frantic spaceship combat and the RPG elements could be tricky, as could the cross-platform aspect, but pulling it off would make this one heck of an interesting sci-fi experience.

And since we’re talking about space, Pocket Galaxy may as well shoot for the stars. It’s in closed beta right now on all three of its targeted platforms, aiming for a second or third quarter 2013 release – plenty of time to prepare to grab yourself some of that space power.