FallDown! 2 is twice as colorful with twice the fun.

What do you get when you cross Geometry Wars with one of those simple “fit-the-ball-through-the-hole” games? You get FallDown! 2, of course, a sequel to the wildly popular FallDown!Using tilt controls to guide your ball down the maze, you avoid a nefarious laser as you make your way through the nooks and crannies of each level. Collecting stars, avoiding bombs, and zipping through each stage is what makes FallDown! 2 so addictive, though we surmise the neon overhaul has something to do with it as well.

Overall, the game hasn’t changed too much from its first inception, which is a good thing because there was plenty to like about the original. The sequel brings with it power-ups and bombs, which add another element of challenge to what could have been misconstrued as a simple cake-walk otherwise. Touch controls are an optional method of play as well that can turn easy navigation via tilt into a much more painstaking affair.

FallDown! 2

The bouncing ball continues to fall down the series of gaps as the laser drops: ever hovering just inches above you. It’s game over if it hits you, so vigilance is key here. Bombs will set you back pretty far as well. The laser is moving at a fairly quick pace, making the game a twitch-fest as it is. There’s that delicate mixture of stress and adrenaline that mounts with each new ball, so when you finally do fail, you’re moved to get right back up and go for a high score again.

The game is so simple and without frills that you’d think it might get boring: but that’s the beauty of FallDown! 2. It’s best played in short bursts obviously, with longer sessions going beyond the allure; but it’s also great for a short bus ride or car trip to best a previous high score or see what you can accomplish with self-imposed limits. Best of all, there’s no free-to-play paid incentives or common annoyances found within the genre. It’s simple, quick, and fun without being bloated or intrusive.

FallDown! 2

FallDown! 2 is a refreshingly simple alternative to free apps out there that offers pick-up-and-play challenge, neon colors, customizable backgrounds, and way more than that old calculator app used to. Pick it up for a nice change in pace.