Wednesdays can always be a little rough for us working and schooling folks around these parts of the internet: so close to the weekend, and yet still so far away. But at least I know I’ll always be rewarded every Wednesday evening with Gamezebo’s New iOS Games Tonight feature!

How do you like to pass the time every Wednesday night while you’re waiting for the slew of awesome new games to arrive on the App Store? If tonight’s new releases are any indication of all the things I could possibly be doing with that time, then you might very well find me digging around in my backyard for ancient artifacts, or trying to slurp up every tadpole I can find in the pond behind my house. At least writing this intro killed another 5 minutes of my Wednesday night. But oh well; now it’s on to all the new games that are coming out tonight!



Chuck the Muck – Do you know Chuck? Some say he’s quite the muck, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping the little guy from embarking on one of the most colorful platform-puzzle adventures we’ve seen in quite some time. So get ready for some fun bouncing-based physics gameplay set across beautiful 3D mining environments, and be sure to check back on Gamezebo tomorrow for my full review of all of Chuck’s muckiness!


Mosaique – I’m all about using abstract puzzle games to fill the many voids on my mobile device, and Mosaique looks to be an absolutely beautiful one. With brightly colored squares, smooth animations and short bursts of gameplay, not to mention an intriguing backstory to all of the puzzling fun, this game will definitely make you curious enough to give it a spin tonight.


Dig! – From the creators of Pocket RPG, Dig! is a game about, well, digging. Specifically, digging for ancient artifacts in an archeological site, where trapping enemies like mummies and moles is all just a part of the job. The game’s 3D visuals are especially a strong highlight of this release, and despite all of that dirt, they really manage to shine. So go grab your shovel and let’s get to digging tonight!


Tasty Tadpoles – I normally can’t stand the sight of a pizza that has anchovies on it, but for some reason, Tasty Tadpoles makes all sorts of little fish creatures suddenly look extremely appetizing. The only things more delicious here are the game’s fun cartoony graphics, and the simple-to-learn but difficult-to-master puzzle gameplay.