Memoria takes us back to Adventuria, and then back 500 years.

Few developers are as synonymous with the point-and-click adventure genre as LucasArts, but Daedalic Entertainment is rapidly working their way to a similar stature.  With their Deponia trilogy set to reach its inevitably charming conclusion later this year alongside the release of new IP The Night of the Rabbit, one might think Daedalic has already met their “on track to be the next LucasArts” quota for 2013.  That means the upcoming Memoria is merely icing on the platypus-flavored cake.


Memoria is the direct sequel to last summer’s The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav.  While The Dark Eye is a notable RPG series in Europe, Chains of Satinav adapted its setting into a straight-up adventure game with Daedalic’s trademark luscious visuals and engaging plot.  Memoria maintains this genre shift and continues the story of Chains of Satinav‘s bird-catching hero, Geron.

Geron—cursed as a bringer of bad luck in Satinav—has lost his girlfriend to another curse that’s trapped her inside the body of a raven.  The traveling trader Fahi offers to recover Geron’s girlfriend in exchange for information on the fate of a girl named Sadja—a princess and demon hunter who mysteriously vanished 500 years in the past.  Geron’s search for the truth about Sadja quickly turns the world of Adventuria upside down, and into a “dark mirror image” of the distant past.


Players will get to travel Adventuria in control of both Geron in the present day and Sadja in the past.    Early screenshots show off a stunningly gorgeous world that should be familiar to fans of Satinav: mountainous and dangerous, yet simultaneously serene in both timelines.  With Kevin Mentz, co-author of both Chains of Satinav and Deponia, at the storytelling helm, Memoria is sure to feature a superb storyline that connects the separate histories together with plot twists and a mesmerizing narrative.     

With a release date set for fall 2013, players new to The Dark Eye have plenty of time to play catch up.  Or simply lose themselves in the gorgeous images of Memoria that are available now.